Motorcycle Equipment

The motorcyclist’s equipment is designed to provide not only comfort and convenience during trips, but also the driver’s safety in case of emergency situations. There are many stories when it is clothing and protective accessories that allowed motorists to avoid serious damage, injuries and even death in traffic accidents. What are the elements of standard motorcycle equipment and what do modern motorcyclists prefer to have in their arsenal?

Basic motorcycle equipment

All the main elements of standard motorcycle equipment can be combined into one capacious list such items as:


A helmet is a critical and indispensable part of motorcycle equipment, reducing the risk of serious and fatal injuries caused by head impacts on hard surfaces – for example, during an accident or fall.

In addition, the helmet protects the driver’s face from headwinds, insects, rocks, rainfall and road dust that cause discomfort and interference on the road. Properly selected helmet not only provides comfort and convenience for the driver behind the wheel, but also guarantees the proper level of safety.

A helmet or balaclava is a special headpiece that performs both protective and hygienic functions. In the cold season, this accessory retains heat and acts as an additional protection against oncoming wind and moisture. In addition, the use of the helmet prevents the helmet lining from quickly wearing off and becoming dirty, which is important for neat and practical drivers.

Thermal underwear

Thermal underwear is the optimal solution for motorists who do not refuse to travel even in the worst weather conditions. The main functions of this laundry are moisture removal and heat preservation (or a combination of wet and heat-saving function), which helps maintain comfort during the ride and provides protection against freezing in cold oncoming winds and rain.

Experienced motorists do not neglect the purchase of thermal whites, designed for the hot summer season – this option perfectly protects the road from overheating and provides a good cooling effect.

Motor coat

A motorcycle coat is one of the main components of motorcycle equipment designed to protect the torso and upper extremities from wind, precipitation, dirt and dust on the road, as well as from possible injuries caused by falling. Usually motorcycle jackets are equipped with special strong inserts protecting the most vulnerable parts of the body – back, shoulders and elbows – in case of impact.

Choosing the right motor coat, it is desirable to give preference to models of bright colors with reflective details. This equipment will protect the ride in poor visibility, warning other road users of the presence of a motorcyclist on the track.

Motorcycle trousers

Motorcycle trousers are an important part of motorcycle equipment, protecting the lower limbs from bruises, fractures and injuries when falling.

In this case, most motorcycle trousers are equipped with high-strength Kevlar inserts and elastic treads, which shock-absorbing impacts and reduce the risk of damage. Also, to ensure greater safety and comfort for the driver, this wardrobe item is often equipped with special belts and zippers for fastening the jacket.

When choosing a motorcycle trouser model, it is necessary to take into account not only the protective characteristics of the trousers, but also the way in which they are driven and the nature of their future journeys. For example, to move around the city it is better to buy textile trousers with built-in protection, and for country or sports racing to buy a full-fledged overalls.

Motorcycle turtle

The turtle is a thin ventilated jacket with a protective belt and rigid inserts in the area of the elbows, shoulders and chest. This element of equipment is worn only under outerwear (e.g. a light motorcycle coat) even in the warm season, although some drivers often neglect this rule.

Since the main purpose of a turtle is to protect the motorcyclist from the effects of sliding on the asphalt when falling, it is essential that all shields are firmly fixed, otherwise their displacement can result in serious injury.

Motorcycle overalls are the optimal solution for fans of high speeds. This equipment provides maximum protection for the driver compared to a set of jackets and motorcycle trousers.

The most reliable are solid overalls made of thick leather and with rigid or semi-rigid protection. Many overalls are equipped with an aerodynamic hump that acts as a car headrest and carries away counter-air flow when driving at high speed.


Knee pads are a mandatory part of the motorcycle equipment, which helps prevent injuries to knee joints and upper tibiae. These accessories are divided into two types: conventional and hinged. In conventional kneecaps the protective shields are simply sewn on a grid, in hinged ones – they are connected by a rigid frame. As with turtles, the kneecaps should be worn underneath the clothes, reducing the risk of their displacement after hitting a hard surface.


Motor gloves are an accessory designed to protect your hands when you fall. The most reliable are leather gloves, the most inexpensive – textile – for example, from high-strength nylon. Regardless of the material of which the gloves are made, any model must be equipped with special pads to protect the fingers and knuckles in the event of a fall or impact.

The best option, according to many motorists, are gloves with elongated cuffs, which provide protection not only for the wrists, but also for the wrists. In addition, such models are convenient when traveling in cold weather – long cuffs stretched on the sleeves of jackets, will keep warm and protect against cold winds.

Motor shoes

Motorcycles or motorbots are a must-have feature to protect the lower limbs from bruises and injuries. When choosing a suitable pair, you should pay attention not only to the size but also to the style of the shoe, its design features and even its weight. The most common variant for motorcyclists are waterproof tourist boots with extended top and built-in protection.

Each motor owner approaches the purchase of equipment in his or her own way – some of them are limited to only the most necessary things, others – acquire almost the entire range of modern shops.

However, all experienced motorcyclists unanimously agree that special clothing, footwear and accessories, in the first place, should ensure maximum safety of the driver, not form a brutal biker image.

Therefore, beginners and those who are just planning to buy or order a motorcycle, it is necessary to take this issue with the utmost seriousness, and having gained experience in driving a vehicle – do not lose caution and never neglect the mandatory elements of equipment and motor protection.