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When you drive a racing machine at more than 300 kilometres per hour and have to make decisions in fractions of a second, the psychological factors are decisive. Speed and responsibility make the mind of a crucial importance in the world of motor sports. Let’s look at some of the variables that can influence the correct psychological preparation of a racing driver.

Within motorcycling or motor racing, the athlete in this case the driver has to deal with a multitude of factors, many of which he can manage but many of which are beyond his control.

These are two simple representative examples of how motor sports psychologically demand pilots. There are a multitude of mental factors that must be taken into account, that must be trained and managed in order to be in the best conditions on racing.

Let’s think about one of the most important variables, self-confidence. A driver who for any reason loses confidence in himself, in his driving or in his machine will not be able to go to the limit and scratch the necessary tenths of the time.

In addition to trusting in yourself and your skills you must trust in your team, each member has a fundamental role so that on Sunday everything is in its place and the pilot puts his success and his own security in his hands. It is essential to have a team that transmits that kind of confidence.

Of course you also have to be prepared to manage the uncertainty involved in piloting any machine, as you depend on the mechanics and tires that no matter how prepared you are can play a trick on you. You have to take into account that these things can happen and be ready to recover the next race and the lost points.

Concentration and decision making in thousandths of a second are also skills that are usually well developed in drivers. Everything happens at a lot of speed and there is no time to doubt once the decision is made to brake later and overtake.

Compete in a motor sport involves a lot of sacrifice, are very demanding sports physically and mentally and why not say it economically. Once a motor racing there is nothing glamorous about racing except when you win and he was absolutely right.

The great human and economic effort involved in trying to reach the elite can wear out a lot and is something that is not usually appreciated unless you know from within this type of sports.

Sometimes mental preparation can help you take that step further and be ahead. Other times the rider is going to go just as fast but he is going to enjoy himself more on the bike or the car and he is going to be more regular when he knows how to manage his emotions, his thoughts, his worries and the pressure.

Also remember that body and mind go hand in hand. The physical affects you mentally and the mental affects you in the physical as well. When a pilot is stressed or nervous, it will be difficult for his piloting to flow naturally. And vice versa when there is some physical difficulty such as injuries the mental wear is greater.