Choosing a motorcycle for a rookie

Buying the first bike in your life is a challenging task, despite numerous tips on how to choose a motorcycle for a beginner, presented in modern magazines and specialized online resources. Often the opinions and advice of other riders are so contradictory that beginners have even more questions and difficulties in choosing the right vehicle model.

What technical parameters should be taken into account when buying the first motorcycle, what models should be considered first and what should be considered before making a final decision?

Beginners’ motorcycle: Features of choice

First of all, it is necessary to specify that in this publication under “newcomer” and “novice motorcyclist” it is assumed that a person who has completed a basic driving course in a driving school and has received the right to drive a motorcycle on the roads of public use.

Thus, planning to buy your first motorcycle on order or in a specialized shop, you should decide not only with the budget, but also with what purpose you need this transport.

When choosing your first motorcycle, you have to be guided by criteria such:

  • motorcycle dimensions and own physical parameters (height, weight, strength, composition);
  • engine cubature;
  • Landing characteristics;
  • reliability and simplicity of the vehicle;
  • ease of operation.

Motorcycle dimensions and personal physical parameters

This criterion is of paramount importance when choosing a motorcycle for a beginner. Your first bike should be fully matched to your height, weight and buildup – so you don’t have to take an uncomfortable and unnatural stance when landing and riding, and when buying a bike you should pay attention to its height and weight.

The optimal saddle height is the one that allows the sitting driver to lean simultaneously with both feet against the ground. If the bike is too high, this will make it much more difficult to control the vehicle and increase the likelihood of falling during braking or cornering,

And the weight of the bike should be such that you can push it back and forth, fix it on the lift and lift it off the ground without any effort. At the very beginning of a biker career, falls are inevitable, and the motorcycle may fall not only on the asphalt, but also on its owner – this should also be taken into account when assessing the weight of the model you like.

Engine Cubatura

The most popular among beginners are classic models with an engine capacity of 400-600 cc. The range of options with such a cubicle is quite extensive, so it is not difficult to find a suitable one.

If you doubt your personal driving skills or feel insecure about the 400-600cc motorcycle saddle, it is better to consider less powerful variants with engine volume up to 250cc. They are easy to operate, relatively lightweight, maneuverable and inexpensive. The same models will suit both fragile girls and beginners of small height and weight.

Landing Features

A motorcycle for novice bikers must be comfortable and, if possible, ergonomic. In this respect, the classic models, which provide a direct landing of the driver, have proved to be the best in this respect. This position of the body avoids unnecessary muscle tension and contributes to a better view on the track. This allows you to concentrate on the road situation without being distracted by inconveniences and discomfort.

Reliability and simplicity

When you buy your first motorcycle you should pay attention to its technical condition – especially if you buy a used vehicle. Visual inspection should not reveal any defects indicating that the vehicle has been in an accident.

In particular, this may be indicated:

  • slippery slope, paint, and flattening marks;
  • unnecessary (non-installationary) welds on the frame;
  • dents, cracks, deformations of individual elements.

Before deciding to buy, be sure to check the bike in action – the engine should start without any problems, making no extraneous sounds and grinding during operation. Special attention should be paid to the condition of the braking system, which must be perfect.

Remember that not only your own safety, but also the lives of others depend on the quality of your vehicle’s stopping power and brake function, and the easier the dashboard will be set up, the faster you will be able to deal with the management of your vehicle.

All the elements of the dashboard, their indicators and indicators should be clearly visible while driving, and the appearance of the motorcycle should be easy to see, as the absence of unnecessary plastic parts in the exterior of the motorcycle will avoid unnecessary repair costs after an accidental fall. In this respect, naked-style motorcycles without plastic linings are considered the most practical.

Easy operation

The first motorcycle for a beginner should have a flexible, predictable character. For this reason, experienced bikers recommend to give preference to classical rather than sports models. Classic motorcycles are considered the best solution for beginners – they are stable, relatively powerful, maneuverable and yet easy to operate.

Fortunately, on the modern motor market (including the supported technics) it is possible to find quite worthy copies in a good condition which will perfectly approach for beginning bikers. in conclusion it would be necessary to remind that development of a motorcycle is inevitably connected with every possible traumas and falls, therefore care of own safety is your personal duty.

Timely taking care of the purchase of quality equipment, you will save yourself from unnecessary risks on the road and the unpleasant consequences of minor accidents, and, of course, when choosing your first motorcycle do not need to neglect the help of more experienced drivers.

Having addressed for purchase of a motorcycle on order to representatives of the checked up and reliable companies, you can be assured that to you not only will recommend the most suitable model corresponding to your interests and the budget, but also will give an exhaustive consultation on all questions interesting.